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Commentary on the Market
A Roller Coaster Ride & Bargain Market? domains have long stood as the gold standard within the domaining community. In the last 8 years their values have steadily risen and even now the market is among the most liquid of markets in all of domaining.

In the last month, the wave of domain valuation shifts has finally caught up to domains. In this last month, due to two dominant factors:

  1. a domino effect in supply with a temporary increase in the number of domains on the market AND
  2. growing concerns within the worldwide economy (particularly within the United States) domains have now experienced a recent downturn in valuation in all ranges of letter quality and composition. Some have argued that this is a sign of's valuation coming down to earth, but this author respectfully disagrees. The market has several particular strengths for which this revision might look more like a buying opportunity than a market correction.
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